Dear Mr Baca, I am writing to you because i want to know about your childhood and what inspired you to become a poet. My name is Reuben Mason and i go to London Nautical School in South London. I came across your poetry in my English lesson when my teacher, Mr O’Brien read your […]

In Sherman Alexie’s book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, the author presents Junior, the protagonist as an outsider in many different occasions. Sherman Alexie uses the character of Junior to express events that he experienced when he was younger and to explore the theme of being an outsider. However, this is especially shown when Junior first goes to Reardan high school, during his basketball game against his old school Wellpinit high school and when he goes to have pancakes with his friends from Reardan high school. In this essay, I will talk about five major events: During the basketball game, going to Reardan, the pancake moment, physical problems and his experience of deaths.

One way in which junior is presented as an outsider is through his dual experience of living in Wellpinit whilst studying in Reardan. For example, on the reservation  Junior is looked at as an outsider because he left Wellpinit to gain a better education and future but his friends believe he did this because he was a white lover. In Reardan, however, Junior is also an outsider because he is the only Indian there and all the teachers think he is stupid.

This is shown in the book’s title, ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Here, the metaphor ‘Part-Time Indian has several meanings to it. First, it tells us that Junior is living in two worlds. He lives on the reservation but then studies at Reardan. The quote is also telling us that Junior is red as an apple on the inside and white in Reardan. Finally, it is also telling us that Junior loves white people, even though he is an Indian living on a reservation.

Another way in which Junior is presented as an outsider is through growing up with physical problems. For example, Junior says that he was born with water on the brain. He also has ten extra teeth. Junior also states that his brain is full of grease. He was born with a big head so people said his head was like a globe.

This is shown in the first sentence of the book when Junior says ‘I was born with water on the brain’. Here, the word  ‘ I was born  is explaining how Junior is fighting against his physical problems from a really young age. This quote also shows us how he is different to everyone else, both on the reservation and in Reardan.

A further example in which Junior is presented as an outsider is during the basketball games against his old school on the reservation Wellpinit. For example, in the first game, as soon as Junior got on the pitch, someone in the crowd threw something at him straight away. This shows that even his own Spokane tribe don’t like him anymore because he traited  them all to try and gain a better future at Reardan.

This is shown when he says, ‘Bleeding and angry,I glared at the crowd. Here, the word glared tells us that Junior is angry at the crowd for throwing the quarter at him and feels like the only one in the whole hall that’s the odd one out. It is also  telling us that people treat him differently because he was a traitor for leaving Wellpint and all his friends behind to go to Reardan. It also shows us that he is the only one treated different but all the other white kids are treated much better and more fair.

Another way in which Junior is presented as an outsider is through his life experience of poverty. For example, when Junior goes to have pancakes with his new friends from Reardan. When it is time for them to pay for their meal, Junior realizes that he has not got enough money to pay for his meal. Junior then runs to the bathroom where Roger, very kindly lends him forty bucks. This is also shown when Junior compares himself to a white kid in a picture. He mentions that white kids have a bright future an Indians having a vanishing past meaning they have no chance of being able to have the opportunities that all other white kids have.

This is shown when Penelope asked Junior ‘Are you poor. Here, the word poor shows us that he is fighting against poverty and trying to not tell anyone. It also tells us that Junior is living a life of poverty. The quote also tells us that people now know that Junior is poor and can’t really afford anything. He also can’t hide it from anyone anymore.

The final way in which Junior is presented as an outsider is through living through a life of deaths. For example, Junior’s grandmother passed away. There were still a lot of people at his grandmother’s funeral but it is a thing that other people have not experienced before. Then, his dad’s best friend Eugene got shot and died. Finally, his sister was then burnt in a caravan somewhere else.

This is shown when he says ‘Well, my grandmother has left this world and she’s now roaming around the afterlife. Here, the word left tells us that Junior has a lot of family and friends that have died and left him to struggle in life even more. It is saying that he has experienced many more deaths than everyone else. He is about a one in twenty child who has had bad things happen to him. The worst thing is that it wasn’t only his grandmother that died, it was his dad’s best friend and also his sister.

From this essay we can tell that Junior is an outsider but has moved onwards to try and fulfill his full potential. Other kids and adults have now followed in his path and have also tried to reach their full potential as well. Junior is an inspiration because of tough life in the past which a lot of people have realised and have done something about it. Now not as many people fight against poverty and are cured for any illnesses.

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